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    昆山美弧塑机是从事单、双螺杆造粒机及配套辅机研发,制造和销售的专业公司。主要客户为国 内台资企业和出口国外。
  公司坐落于昆山市玉山镇高新技术产业园。公司由原南亚塑胶工程师和国内的行业精英共同组建。 核心技术来源于台湾信怡祥公司,并采用高精密加工设备生产,制造过程严格执行台湾塑机技术标准, 在国内台资企业中享有盛名,美弧新机型全面提升双螺杆的混炼效果,在提高产量的同时又保证了物 料分散性。

  Kunshan Meihu Screw Machinery Co., Ltd is engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of single, double screw granulator and related auxiliary engine for Taiwan-funded enterprises in mainland and export. 
  Located at the Hi-tech Park in Yushan Town of Kunshan , this company is initiated by engineers from former South Asia plastic Co., Ltd and other elite from this industry. This company enjoys a high reputation with its core technology from Taiwan Xinyixiang Company, its employment of high precision machining equipment and its strict implementation of the technical standard of plastic products in Taiwan during its manufacturing process. With the strong R&D capacity, the newly –released products are improved in terms of quality. This company is always committed to manufacturing the best products for customers. All of you are invited to our company.
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